Friday, April 16, 2010

My Little Health Care Problem

I have had the same health insurance for almost four years from my job. My child get's ill and the doctors at one hospital did nothing to make her better, only worse. On her third hospitalization she finally got some help. Unfortunately, I got fired from my job on Tuesday due to receiving too many calls from the Doctor's and School, etc. Now I won't have health care after the end of the month. Nice!

Smiling in The Face Of Adversity

Executioner, did you see me smile at you today? Did you see me look you in the face and see you for what you are? I smile at you in spite of the pity I feel for you. May God have mercy on your soul for you know not the God you follow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pride and Self Respect

Pride is something that one credits themselves with. It's based on ego. That's why it causes people to act either boastful or defensively.

Self Respect reserves graciousness and allows a person to act positively towards another in spite of perceived ego blows.

Self respect and respect for others (including your children) in place of pride builds character and integrity for all involved.

Pride takes the place of Self Respect and robs people of the ability to grow emotionally or spiritually - though if wealth is the main pursuit, history is full of the wealthy, as well as the proud.

Monday, April 12, 2010


It's true, God doesn't give you more than you can handle. It's Ok though, he gives the hard stuff to Grandmothers.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Candle

by Angela Lussier

I sit and watch the candle glow
It draws me close and lets me know
All it's secrets old and new
Oh so bright and oh so true
She tells me that she serves to shine
A light on yours, a light on mine
To bring forth warmth
Never to cause pain
But be careful not to
Invade her flame
She dances in the blowing wind
Never knowing when her time may end
By a drop of rain or a gust too strong
Or the hand of someone who's gone wrong
Her tears of wax may cease for then
But a greater power will light her flame again
I sit and watch the candle glow - it draws me close and lets me know
All her secrets old and new and then she whispers - I am you

Friday, April 9, 2010

New Shared Blog - Under Construction - By You

A new "multi-contributor" shared blog, invites you to be among the first to contribute.
We will be up and running within a month - but not without you!
Get your submissions in for review ASAP.
This site will be edited for quality and will not be judged by
partisanship, religious content, or personal opinion.
Well written opposing view points will be sought out and published.
We are all Americans. We often disagree. We honor our right to do so.
Have nothing to get off your chest?
Life is perfect?
What about a friend, neighbor, or family member?
Everything copacetic with them too?
Take a look a the list below. See if something jumps out at you. Use your voice.
You KNOW you want to...
This is your chance to be heard or possibly even ignored - that's up to you!

Dare to be the among the first contributors to this Blog! Be creative, be provocative (intellectually and/or spiritually speaking). You are the writers, the thinkers, the humorous, the educated, the street smart, the enlightened...

Need to vent? All I ask is that you MAKE YOUR POINT, and be ready for some equally intelligent or even superior opposing views.

Want to share? It should be HONEST, INTERESTING and THOUGHT PROVOKING.

Want to inform? It must be CHECKED for inaccuracies, and CONFIRMED or you leave yourself open to ridicule and will lose credibility - It's OK though, you will still be able to submit beauty contest results and garden party reviews.

Got something else? Nothing is off limits - Unless it is deemed to be UNDENIABLY Offensive to the vast majority of readers.

All topics open for discussion. Some examples below...

Music, Film, The Arts.
Religion AND Science
Health Care/AMA
Social Issues
Lifestyle Choices
Child Abuse
Truth, Myths, and Lies
Drugs: Legal, Illegal, Processed, Natural, Pharmaceutical Companies, Alcohol
Big Business vs Consumer protection
Intelligent Design
Random Evolution
Coincidence & Serendipity
Does Evil Exist?
Is there really such things as Right and Wrong?
The Supernatural
Personal Stories of Struggle, Injustice, Adversity
Personal Stories of Overcoming The Odds and Coming Out On Top
What Things are Unforgivable
Relevant Opinions of The Day

SUBMIT ARTICLES, COMMENTARIES, ARTWORK, AND VIDEO TO for consideration. This is an "open" forum - in that postings are not judged by moral, ethical, or political content. However, all submissions will be judged by clarity, persuasiveness, and basic journalistic criteria.